T he goal of this Africa Chamber of Commerce with the Headquarters in Washington DC USA is to enable businesses interested in developing and expanding African related business transactions among members.

Africa is the new frontier and African Economies are yearning for collaboration across the globe. The emerging economies of African have shown resilience in the light of a global down-turn, and registering growth that are impressive, e.g. Nigeria sustained 7 percent economic growth within the last 10 years, Angola’s economy has been expanding at about 15 percent, and Ghana which grew at a rate of 13 percent in 2011 is now at an 8 percent growth. South Africa is still a business leader on the continent and has seen a very sustainable growth with a GDP of over $400 billion in per capita income. There are other countries like Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Uganda in the sub-Saharan regions that are laying a consistent ground work for economic take-off.

The purpose of this Chamber is therefore to be a clearing house and inform members of the development going on in Africa and assist them in navigating the process of expanding their operations into Africa. This African Chamber of Commerce is positioned to foster development of business partnership between Africa and the rest of the world. Africa is positioned for sustainable growth as it builds the growing middle class.

The International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) World Economic Outlook released in October 2012, indicated that 11 of the world’s 20 fastest-growing economies are in Africa, and this booming economic growth has helped create the fastest-growing middle class in the world.

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  • Networking:
    Do you have a networking event that you want African Chambers to participate in? Please send your invite to info@africanchamberinc.com

  • Learning:
    The African Chambers of Commerce, Inc members are open to learning new things and if you have a training program that you think might be of benefit to the members please send your request or flyer to info@africanchamberinc.com

  • Visibility:
    You are welcome to let our members know about your products or services. Please send details to info@africanchamberinc.com

  • Business Expo:
    The chamber will be showcasing various members of the Chambers. If you want to be featured on our expo corner; please let us know by contacting us at info@africanchamberinc.com

  • Ambassadorship:
    The Chamber is looking for a few ambassadors to help with events planning and membership drive. If any of your staff is interested in this role. Encourage to get in touch with us at info@africanchamberinc.com or to fill out a form here

  • Have a voice:
    Let the management of Chamber know what is on your mind and if there is something you want us to address please send your request to info@africanchamberinc.com

  • Discount:
    We are always on the look to get good deals for our members. If you have access to good deals that will benefit the members of the Chambers please let us know by contacting info@africanchamberinc.com

  • Referrals:
    The Chamber will grow through referrals and we encourage members and non members to refer organizations to the Chamber. For each referral, the chamber will donate 5% of the fee to the charity of choice of the referee. For additional information contact info@africanchamberinc.com

  • Trainings and support:
    The chamber will be providing training and support for its members. If you want us to provide specific training to you and your staff just ask us by getting in touch with us at info@africanchamberinc.com

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